Post-Gig Roundup

Laura Rocking Out

Well for all of us at Hope and Social it was a great week working with the young musicians on the Skipton Rocks project at The Mart Theatre.

At Hope and Social, we have a couple of maxims that we try to live by. If you’re a musical artist, a band, a solo performer, if you’re in a duo… to be an artist you need to make and release music, and to perform that art in front of people. So we did that. And while doing that it’s important to “Have Fun, Make Art” (inspired by Glen Hansard’s Oscar Winning speech).

For all the young musicians involved, it was the first time they’d hosted their own show, and made a record… so here’s the record…

… and if you click on the below pic, you’ll be able to view a a slideshow of gorgeous shots by our Ed Waring of the day of the Skipton Rocks show.

Skipton Rocks at The Mart Theatre

It’s amazing to see, in the course of those photos, the band’s confidence growing throughout the set. Proper heart-warming. The band (under their agriculturally themed name “Bar Ram You”) were great, they really nailed it at the gig, and we’re all very thankful to Rowan Gould, Jack Brennan and Disctracted for coming along to make the show a huge success. A huge thanks goes to Clare in particular, and all at The Mart Theatre for having us make noise in their awesome space all week, and for all their support.

If there’s anything we all want to say to the young people of “Bar Ram You”, then have a look at that video of Glen again. Make Art. Be proud of what you’ve done, but don’t rest on your laurels. Keep playing with other musicians, find your voice, and work hard. Oh, and keep in touch.

On behalf of H&S, we want to say that making good music, with good people like those of the Skipton Rocks project improves our quality of life so much. It’s good for art, it’s good for culture, and it’s good for those touched by the energy of those musicians on stage, singing and playing their hearts out. So to Ben, Lewis, Jamie, Patrick, Alex and Laura… Thank YOU!

Here’s some of the wonderful things (anonymised) that the Skipton Rocks peeps said (over on their private Facebook Group page) about the experience:

“fair love all you people!! great experience, best week ever, really got me of my @r$£ during the holidays, soundest people I’ve ever met, so patient, positive, loved every second really given me a boost back into practicing with others, really helped, we all played a sick gig”

“Thank you so much guys! Easily one of the best weeks of my life, I really hope it happens again next year because this year was amazing! I know so much more, and playing tonight was really satisfying. Thanks for letting us use your amazing studio, and teaching me tons. I’ve definitely found what I’m doing for a living x Peace.”

“Thank all you guys soo much ! Its been such a great oportunity for us all as musicians ! I hope we can do something like this again in the futre cos tonight has been bloody amazing !! I’ll definitely keep in touch and once again thank all of you for the opportunity to do all this ! Its been great !”

One of the best nights of my life! Thankyou guys soo much for everything, i hope we can try stay in touch.”

If you’ve enjoyed following this project and, like Hope and Social. believe in the power of art to do good, please do keep in touch, and here’s hoping we get to do something amazing like this again in the not too distant future. You can find Hope and Social on our website, on twitter, on Facebook… and at all sorts of shows.

Well done everyone… Keep fighting the good fight… and Death To False Metal!


Pre-Gig Excitement

Lunchtime at The Mart Theatre, and the young musicians we’ve been working with all week are grabbing sandwiches, planning set-lists, practising… and marvelling at the beautiful new CDs they’ve made:

The CDs have arrived!!! Elevator - by #skiptonrocks

We’re also happy to confirm that we now have the awesome “Disctracted” coming to play…

And the quirky pop goodness of Rowan Gould. Yeay!!!

Rowan Gould

Sooooo, doors at seven, all welcome, free entry…. And we may have one more act to confirm.

Skipton Rocks…. Hell yeah it does!

Lineup Additions and…

… The Final Countdown

Not long to go until showtime (see the countdown timer below). Well, it’s been a great fun-filled week of music at Skipton Rocks. We’ve learned new songs, written original material, made a record, built a website, pressed a CD promoted a show, and planned for the finale… tonight’s show at The Mart Theatre.

Bar Ram You (the band we’ve been working with all week), will release their original and freshly pressed CD this evening too… so bring your pennies and support music. 😉

Lineup Additions

We’re very happy to confirm that also appearing will be some of the talented peeps of “Four Tunes”. Here’s a recording of their rehearsal from The Harrogate Songwriting sessions.

Fingers crossed, we’ll also see performances from the fantastic Jennie Green. Jennie’s part of the Rewind crew who write songs and run events such as the recent “TeaP In The Park” event in Skipton and (providing Jennie answers my phone calls [grins] at some point) we’ll be very privileged to have her perform this evening. Here’s a demo of hers recorded at

Elevator – The song, and the CD

The Elevator CD

Great day at the studio yesterday recording with the Skipton Rocks peeps. We are very proud to announce the release of their original song “Elevator”.

The CD is currently being pressed by the awesome Digital Audio Company right here in Skipton (keep it local, keep it sustainable folks)… and it’ll be available right here at the show at the Mart Theatre tomorrow night!

The Mart Theatre now has the stage in place!
The @themarttheatre stage is up! #skiptonrocks

Free entry don’t forget… so come hear Skipton’s talented musicians in action!

The Gig

This Friday the 13th of April, the young people of Skipton Rocks would like to extend a hearty invitation to their showcase gig.

The Beautiful Mart Theatre

There’ll be covers of songs you know, original material, and a wealth of talent from the Skipton area, not just the Skipton Rocks peeps, but also some of the talented musicians of Rewind.

Further details to be added here over the next couple of days, but for now, here’s the Skipton Rocks Facebook Event for you to add yourself to, and there’s more info on The Mart Theatre’s event page here too. It’s FREE entry, and should be a great night showcasing the talents of these young musicians from Skipton.

They’ll also be releasing their CD that they’ve worked on this week, so bring some cash… you may well need to buy it. [grins]

Also… here’s some lovely pictures of our Skipton Rockers making their first record, and planning for Friday’s show. Enjoy!

Day 2 – Recording

So here we are, Day 2 and we are all down at Hope and Social‘s lovely home, the crypt.

Yesterday, we spent the day learning two covers songs and we also wrote a brand new song together. Today, we are recording that song to be released at Fridays gig at The Mart Theatre.

It’s shaping up nicely, so far we have tracked drums, bass, one of the guitar parts, hammond organ, brass and even put a guide vocal down, and it’s sounding pretty good so far!

Here are a few photos from the day so far…..
Ben Always Records Drums in Silhouette

Ben always records drums in silhouette.
Jamie, Alex and Patrick await their turn

Jamie, Alex and Patrick await their turn.
Laura going for a Vocal take

Laura goes for a vocal take

Lewis rocks the Hammond

Lewis rocks the hammond

We are going to be getting CDs pressed with todays track recorded on it which will be for sale at fridays gig at the Mart Theatre.

See you there!

And so it begins

A good start to the day at The Mart Theatre today with a great bunch of young musicians. We’ve already written a bit about what we’re up to on the About page, but this week we’ll be posting video, photos, audio and our plans for the show on Friday.

If you want to feel a bit closer to the rehearsal here’s a panorama of the band in the space we’re using this week. we have Ben on kit, Jamie and Alex on guitar, Lewis on keyboards, Pat on trombone and Laura on vocals.

So far this morning, we’ve been working on covers of Mott The Hoople’s All The Young Dudes…

… and … Green Day’s 21 guns

Breaking for lunch in 20 mins… possibly some pics and interviews… but for now, here’s a little bit of press we’ve garnered for the project in the Craven Herald… which is nice (they’ve also been down for photo shenanigans this morning… more stuff in the paper this week! … and some stuff we’ve written about the project on the Hope and Social site